About Us

The Clipper Inn Story.

Stephen & Kathy Northcutt wanted to enter the hospitality business with the capability of hosting “doers” (crafters, quilters, artists, potters, forgers, pastors, etc). After stumbling upon Pacific Beach, they quickly fell in love with the area, culture, and people, and purchased the Clipper Inn.

They recognized a need for services and activities for the local population and tourists, and rebranded as Clipper Services. We enjoy hosting beachgoers, clam diggers, hunters & fishers, vacationers, and many other people on a nightly basis. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the team decided to close the pub and open a much needed shipping and copy center downstairs.

The team also recognized a need for food and drink services in the area. They have opened a food truck, the Clipper Galley 41 Main St. serving burgers, fries and more on Saturdays 11 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.!  Recently, they have also purchased a local restaurant with the intentions of expanding offerings in the food and drink sector.

We have a passion for the history, art, culture, and people of the North Beach, and wish to uphold these in all that we do. As time goes on, we find more needs the local community and tourists have, and hope to serve these needs with services, livable wages, affordable housing, and tasty items to eat and drink.