Clipper Inn


The Clipper Inn Story.

Kathy & Stephen Northcutt wanted to enter the hospitality business, with the capability of hosting “doers”, (crafters, quilters, artists, potters, forgers, pastors). We bought an older, small, hotel, The Clipper Inn, redid the floors, roof, drainage, a lot of the electrical; added solar. It has been a wonderful experience hosting beachgoers, hunters, fishers, people just looking to get away. But there isn’t enough space for the vision of a place for makers.

We are converting a hundred year old home into a wood maker space, redid or are redoing everything, we are adding solar to it. We hope to incubate a business creating wood signs using a computer controlled router and also, custom picture frames to foster the local art scene. 

Other active projects include a foodtruck/foodbus, an off grid container home/greenhouse prototype, and a marketing program to get the word out. We are excited and encourage you to come visit and check it out.  

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