Pacific Beach’s 2D sand art contest

Where: Clipper InnSee Map

When: January 20, 2023 - February 10, 2023

The Clipperverse is sponsoring Pacific Beach’s first 2D Sand Art contest. Drawings, paintings, photos, decoupage, newspaper clippings, AI generated images are all welcome.
Please submit your entry to as a JPEG or PNG.
The entries will be posted on Facebook page Pacific Beach WA Vacation without your contact data.

~1st Place – Bottle of Wine or $25.00 (you choose, must be 21 and over for wine)
~People’s Choice – Bottle of Wine or $25.00 (you choose, must be 21 and over for wine)

~1 entry per person
~Must be original, submitter asserts they are the creator of the image and have copyright privilege to enter the contest
~Must be reasonably family friendly
~Entries are due by Friday February 10, 2023
**Winners grant Clipperverse the right to use the winning image in our image rotation, as the creator, you retain your copyright

~Title (optional)
~Your name
~Your contact info
~The name or identifier you wish to be used on Facebook post (optional)

This contest is open to anyone, but you have to come into the Clipper Shipper, (45 Main St.) in person to pick up your prize.

10 pts ~ Congruence. Does it look like it could be made of sand. For example an image of lead crystal, or a plastic lego would earn no points and the judges would cease scoring.
10 pts ~ Aspect ratio 3:2, your basic landscape mode.
10 pts ~ Sense of scale, for instance if you take a photo of a real sandcastle, put a known object like a quarter somewhere in the picture.
20 pts ~ Originality – does the art look like it was formed from a dollar store sand castle mold, or does it look like something that you would see in a professional sand art contest.
20 pts ~ Quality of composition, is the image generally pleasing, visually interesting, striking
30 pts ~ Main Street Pacific Beach is part of the picture. Any recognizable part of Main Street will suffice. For instance, build your castle on a baking pan in front of the Gazebo. Or, draw a street sign that resembles one of the Main Street signs and make that part of your image.
Judges are: Brook Ritter, Stephen Northcutt, Janet Miller Debely, Peter Edgar & Andrew Emmitt