Stephen R Northcutt, 1955, studied pen and ink cartography under Donald Glover. He also studied handmade and wheel pottery under Teruo Hara 1928 – 1985 where he supervised loading and firing the Mary Washington University kiln from 1982 to 1984. He went on to work at the Fredericksburg pottery. During his professional cartography and later, computer security career, he focused on jewelry made of wood, precious metal and stones. After he retired as president of SANS.EDU, an accredited cybersecurity institute he began to focus on art and as he had been working primarily with computers for 20 years, his work had a digital focus. Stephen and his wife Kathy Northcutt, have been working to build an art gallery to further the arts in Pacific Beach Washington. The idea was to support other artists in the area and offer Stephen’s original prints. When they attended the immersion Van Gogh exhibit in Seattle February 23, 2022, it rocked Stephen’s world and plans went into effect to shift the traditional art gallery into immersion mode. Most days he labors long hours to construct RGB immersion shows with art quality images and a story. A small percentage of his work is still diverted to original prints; you will find those showcased and sold in our vacation rental homes and Clipper Inn, a boutique hotel in Pacific Beach, WA.